Any news from the team?

Hello guys,

No news from the team since a while. Any news about new devices ?

Have a good day,


I am also waiting for some responses…


Hello Lars,

Sorry for being quite, we have been away for military duty:) Enes and I attended to Turkish Armed Forces for our 17 day military duty. We have kindly requested them to not charge us at the same time so first Enes enrolled to his military duty then I enrolled to my duty. Thankfully we are back:)

We will recap where we left of and start to share what we have been up to:)


I would like to buy a watchx. How can I buy it?


Hello Dear Gabor,

I can see that you already purchase a watchX:) When I check your shipment it’s last position is Liege Euro Hub. Expected delivery time 12/07/2019 :slight_smile:

So you are in Belgium also @syngabor ? If you want to speak about watchX in real life I’m in a hackerspace in Namur :wink:


I also saw that my package was on Liege Euro Hub. However, I live in Budapest : ) I dont know why but my watchX travelled the whole Europe :smiley: I would like to speak about watchX in real life but as I say I live in Budapest in Hungary :slight_smile:


Haha, I hope she enjoyed Liege so :sweat_smile: and I’m sure you will enjoy your watchX.

My watchX is arrived :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks watchX team. yep, I hope I will enjoy my new “toy” :slight_smile: I have some ideas I want to do. : ) If I can do it i will share my code.

Perfect! Please share you experience:) You can update your progress in regular bases, that’s more exciting to follow then a finished project:)

Where can I buy one?