Android app for Bluetooth notifications


Anyone got experience with this? I am close to having basic watch ready to receive text forwarded o wrote Bluetooth.

I have downloaded Android Studio but it will be the first app I have ever made.


Wow I am very excited about it:) as we previously talked this link is a great start: I may switch to Android because in order to deplay an app on iOS you need to be a certified developer which was 100USD/year back in 2014, I don’t know how much it now.


@mtulu did you get your guy working on this?


I have tried a couple of times to reach him with no luck. I have another option will try it out very soon:)


I’ll try to test that but it looks very nice for this kind of project :


I didn’t think app Inventor goes low level enough on the Bluetooth. I did consider this.


We are in contact with one of the developers of gadgetbridge: They have an app that compatible with most of the smartwatches out there. I just sent them an email and looking forward to their reply. I will keep this post updated :wink: