A better version of watchX


We are designing the pro version of watchX, we will be releasing more information soon:)


This is the output that I have after compiling the Basic_Watch_V2. Something is coming stay tuned for the 5th of January:)

Basic_Watch_v2 in progress

You’ve managed to store the majority of the sketch on the Bluetooth modules storage?

Or you’ve made a super low storage oled library.

Why January the 5th?


262144 bytes is much bigger than the Leonardo.

It seems that there are a few GitHub repositorys that seem to offer an Arduino bootloader for nRF52 chips…


Not really. We will exhibit at CES on January 8 and release couple of new products at January 5th :slight_smile: Which you all will hear about it very soon. We will release a better version of watchX with an ARM based MCU, the output is belong to the prototype :slight_smile:

Edit: This being said, we will still change the firmware on NRF51 and benefit more about it.


„samd“ ?
Cool :sunglasses:


Yep :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Where and when can we buy it on the Internet? I knew this project too late, so I do not catch on the funding process. I still want to get this coolest watch ever.:grin:


Thank you:) watchX will be available on newegg very soon:)