Using Sugru as a 'case'

Hi. I did a forum search for Sugru and didn’t get a hit so I thought I’d mention here that I’ve found it to be a great ‘case’ for the watch. It’s kinda permanent, you’d need to cut it away if you want to disassemble it but I don’t plan to any time soon. :slight_smile:

I’m also working on my own firmware just for fun, I’ve only just started it but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve made a joke watch face which mimics the ps command. Here’s a video of how it looks:

WatchX with Sugru

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I loved the ps command watch face :slight_smile: do you mind sharing it. I am a terminal lover so it would be great to wear your watch face. I used sugru once it’s a great invention. The case looks really tough I liked that :smiley:

Cool, thanks. :slight_smile: I realised after I’d added the Sugru that I forgot to make sure I can still hit the reset button. I haven’t needed it yet, maybe I can wedge a pin in there or something if/when I do.

I’m happy to share the watch face although it’s currently just a part of my custom firmware which is still very basic. I’ve uploaded it to GitHub just now, which is something I was going to do sooner or later.

You may need the reset button. Atmega32U4 is great because it has it’s USB hardware built in. However, this is also a dis-advantage. When the firmware running inside, mess with the internal timers, USB hardware stops working. Reset button comes into play when that happens:)

Thank you for sharing the code :wink:

Hey there, I thought I’d mention I’ve updated my watch with a new watch face. Here’s the Giphy gif link. It’s a jittery, scribbly looking thing.

I was using SSD1306Ascii for the other watch face since it was all text, but I don’t need the text rendering any more, so I looked for a smaller, leaner OLED library. Didn’t quite find what I needed (either bloat or bugs or both) so I wrote my own. Yet another SSD1306 library, but mine is about as small as it gets – no other device support, no graphics drawing primitives or anything. I’ve updated the Github repo.

And yeah, over the last few days I did need the reset button. With a bunch of practice I was able to hit it semi-reliably with a pin but it’s a pain. I feel like it’s in an awkward spot as it is, under the display there, but I guess if you put it on the back it’d be under the battery… there isn’t a particularly good spot to put it.

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Okay, this becomes my favourite watch face of the month:) I am surprised that you wrote your own library:) What do you do as a job:) Your firmware uses %45 of the total program space that is very good:) Any future improvements?

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@toby, today we have tried the watch face with @mtulu at the office.

Incredible job, Really cool graphics. :slight_smile: I am always amazed by the new ideas that use watchX. Keep up the good work.

Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile: I’m really only just getting started. Planning to add BLE and MPU support, etc. – it’s a learning experience, hence why I’m happy to write my own code rather than just borrow from other firmware.

I realised today that it’s sampling the battery level too often (i.e., every animated frame) which is a bit crap, so I pushed a minor update to github. Next step will be to add a proper event scheduler rather than just delay()s and powerDown(). :slight_smile:

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Hello Dear Toby:) How is your progress going. I am really looking forward to the next version of the firmware:)

Hello Mustafa! I’m afraid I haven’t spent much time on my watch lately, other than to fix a couple of bugs. I have been distracted by other goings-on but I hope to do some more work on it soon. :slight_smile:

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Great! Looking forward for the new version:)