Long-range Bluetooth for WatchX?

Are there PCB files available for watchX? I’d love to implement a different Bluetooth module to enable long range connection to the WatchX. Would be happy to work on a solution to give to WatchX if there’s interest. Let me know!

Hi Sam, what do you have in mind? Currently the PCB files are not available however I can assist you for bluetooth module.

A personal project of mine has me exploring the potential for smartwatches connected to other smartwatches without having to be close together. My thought was to upgrade the WatchX with the nRF52840 (or certified module therein) and given Nordic’s solid rep for compatibility and support, it seemed a rather reasonable feat, plus I already have firmware and hardware experience with the 840.

You mean something like a bluetooth mesh? watchX has Raytac’s bluetooth module. I have searched that they have 52840 but in a different footprint. Here is the spec sheet: https://www.raytac.com/download/index.php?index_id=43 Maybe it’s possible to remove the current BT module and somehow connect it to the watchX. It may also be possible to connect 52840 through the edge connector.