Analog-Digital Watch Face

Where did you find this ?

Instagram, this is a live story. I like it, i want it

Looks good (But has nothing to do with TapClock).

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Questions moved to a new topic. It’s not related with Tap Clock
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The watch face will be available on the community:) The developer of this watch face is @ecaldir I think he will respond to this post:)

This was a code that I’ve put together a couple of days ago. I am out of town right now but I will put the details as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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looks great, let me know where the code is :slight_smile:

Hello Dear @rene2716 here I welcome your first post :confetti_ball::tada: @ecaldir will share as soon as he is back from a business trip:)

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This is mine that I did several months ago!


Why don’t you open a topic and share the code with us :smiley:

It has a military looking watchface. This proves my theory when you consider the strap color and the case is gray:)

Here is the file for this version of the code:

@flippkeith did you recognise any similarities :smiley:


Please tell me how to operate the watchX buttons to set the time.

Hi there.

“Set Current Date&Time” function sets the time of the watch from your computers internal time while uploading. :slight_smile:

I didn’t code any manual time setting in this example.

New housing remix nasa inspired. This is an work in progress, when I’m done I’ll upload to thingiverse, any thoughts?


ohooo hoo This is the coolest remix case design :star_struck: :star_struck: As a old computer and Apollo GC, Disky fan I loved it:) Can’t wait to print one.

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I am uploading on thingivers right now. But is still an work in progress. the case is a lil far from dispaly and you will se some light below the surface, it is seen correctly only from the perpendicular point of view. Anyway the firmware is a little to basic (I didnt had the chance to test the altimeter and the temp or pressure but I feel that the parameters are kind of random. I will love to design a similar case for a more cool firmware.
in fact, I really have a similar idea for nwatch, but it will only work for the main screen.

The new remix still has the hole for the reset button which I still find very useful.

Thank you for the upload:) I will try it asap. By the way, @ecaldir is designing an end user-oriented housing that will be manufactured with plastic injection moulding.

Reset button hole is a good idea:)

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I was really impressed with how well the part is lined up with the UI. Great job. And the reset button mod is a really good thought as well. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work. :+1:

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